A Quick Guide to using a Calming Corner

Creating a Calming Corner for Toddlers: A Guide to Promoting Emotional Regulation
A calming corner is a valuable resource for helping children and toddlers develop emotional regulation skills. It provides a safe space where they can retreat, self-soothe, and engage in calming activities. In this blog post, we will walk you through the process of setting up a calming corner for your child and introduce you to our collection of calming corner posters designed to enhance the soothing environment.
What is a Calming Corner?
A calm down corner is a designated area, whether in a classroom or at home, that serves as a sensory-rich space for children to regulate their emotions. It offers a supportive environment where they can explore and practice self-soothing techniques.
How to Set Up a Calming Corner:
  • Choose a Quiet Area: Find a quiet corner or space where your child can retreat and feel safe.
  • Provide Comfort: Include soft pillows, cozy blankets, and stuffed animals to create a comforting atmosphere.
  • Sensory Elements: Incorporate sensory items such as stress balls, textured toys, or fidget spinners to engage their senses and promote relaxation.
  • Visual Appeal: Hang calming corner posters featuring serene imagery and positive affirmations to create a peaceful focal point.
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How to Get Your Child to Use the Calm Down Corner:
  • Introduce the Concept: Explain to your child that the calming corner is a special place where they can go to calm down and take a break when feeling overwhelmed.
  • Modeling Behavior: Demonstrate how to use the calming corner by taking breaks yourself and engaging in calming activities.
  • Reinforce Positivity: Praise your child when they use the calming corner effectively, acknowledging their effort to self-regulate.
Essential Items to Include in a Calming Corner:
  • Calming Corner Posters: Hang calming corner printables with visuals that promote relaxation, emotional well-being, demonstrate calming techniques, have a yoga guide and encourage positive self-talk and affirmations (click here to see our range of calming corner posters).
  • Books and Calming Activities: Provide age-appropriate books, puzzles, or coloring materials that encourage mindfulness and relaxation.
  • Visual Timers: Incorporate visual timers to help children understand and manage their time in the calming corner.

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    Benefits of Using a Calming Corner: 
    • Emotional Regulation: It teaches children to recognize and manage their emotions in a healthy and constructive way.
    • Self-Soothing Skills: It empowers children to develop self-soothing techniques that promote emotional well-being.
    • Safe Space: It provides a designated area where children can feel safe, secure, and in control of their emotions.
      Setting up a calming corner for your child is a wonderful way to promote emotional regulation and provide them with a safe space for self-soothing. Explore our collection of calming corner posters and resources to enhance the calming environment and support your child's emotional well-being. Invest in the power of a calming corner to help your child thrive and develop essential skills for a lifetime.